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COGEW – Europe Day

Greek school prepared an amusing online game on Tuesday 16th May. Students showed their knowledge of European geography and culture.

Other five activities were prepared and each school organised them on its own. They involved:

1) A Day in the Life – Students could watch the short videos of people from EU countries talking about an ordinary day in their life.
2) European Anthem – Students of partner schools could sing a part of the European anthem in order to make a joint video.
3) Europe Day Corner – Students got acquainted with EU countries and their flags by drawing them.
Flags and/or posters were exhibited in the Europe Day Corner of partner schools.
4) Say Hello – Students made a video of the students saying “Hello” in the official languages of the EU.
5) How did Europe get its name? – Students read the myth of Europe emphasizing common roots, saw depictions of the myth in art and made their own clay figurines.

Czech students were watching videos from different European countries, discussing advantages of the membership of European Union and their impacts on their lives.

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