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Global Recycling Day

Our school took part in the project week (27th – 31st March) regarding the Global Recycling Day.
Firstly, our pupils were playing an online game with pupils from Latvia, Greece and Turkey that they won and its aim was to introduce the problem of recycling. The online game was a part of the project Erasmus+ Children of a Green World.
Secondly, the school organized a project week where recycling was the main topic in different subjects from different points of view. Pupils participated in the school most creative artwork competition. The task was to create the most creative artwork out of the things that would be thrown away. Winners got annual tickets to the library, tickets to the science museum, mugs, flash discs or T-shirts.
Art and handcraft lessons were dedicated to creative work. Some children visited the educational programme in OZO, the company for waste disposal, and learnt how to sort out the waste. English lessons were focused on the reason of the remembering the Global Recycling Day, 15 year-old pupils wrote essays on the topic Zero Waste World. They had to search out the information on the Internet, discuss the problem, lead the brainstorming and create the leaflet with the help of digital competences. Sixth and seventh classes enjoyed online games, quizzes, gained new vocabs and created some recycling projects. Eighth classes concentrated on the Earth protection and terms REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE and made leaflets as well.
Environmental topics are the everyday part of the educational process in our school. The next planned event will be the Earth Day.